Learner engagement is one of the requirements when creating an impactful compliant training course. However, the recent compliance training courses have not impressed or engaged learners as required, making it necessary to improve how you create an effective compliance course.  With an effective True Office Learning compliance course, you can minimize cost while maximizing output and relevance to the learners. This post will discuss four valuable tips to use when creating an effective compliance training course for your employees. It is essential to read and implement them so you develop a helpful course for your learners.  Here’s the list.

Meet the demands of modern learners

In the past, compliance training programs were class-based. This means that learners had to step into class to undertake the course. However, with technology and other related factors, things have changed for the better. There are now eLearning courses, which are quickly replacing the traditional physical classes. As seen on TrueOfficeLearning.com, the eLearning courses should replicate the traditional formats, with additional elements beyond traditional classes.  You have to consider how employees gather information in these modern days.  You have to facilitate your employees to use available online resources to learn and discover new training materials.

Try Using Gamification

To have an impactful compliance training course, you have to make it as exciting as possible. One way of doing so is to make gaming part of learning. Instead of passive recipients during training, you can encourage learners to discover and apply learning by themselves – they have to stay active in the learning process. When you notice a competitor, there will be an urge to learn thoroughly and be above the competitor. The use of games also makes employees more familiar with the learning environment.  You can also use gaming to set challenges and targets to make your training more impactful.

Use scenarios and stories

If you want to have effective compliance training, it must be relevant, and your learners need to believe in it.  One way of making your training relevant and believable is by using scenarios and stories to let your learners understand better what they are learning. It is suitable for your employees to apply what they learn from their day-to-day work.  When you give relevant scenarios and stories, your employees will appropriately act when faced with real-life dilemmas.

Increase access to your course

Before digital advancement, employers locked all training materials in a centralized area. Modern learners, however, only need to click a button and access all the information they might need, including using search engines such as Google.  It is crucial to make your training course available on all digital platforms, including computers, laptops, and smartphones, to make it easily accessible to the learners. This accessibility will make them check on the job and where it is needed.

Creating an impactful compliance training course involves having a meaningful and engaging course for your learners.  While teaching the course, your learners should find its relevance, making them apply it in their day-to-day activities.