Becoming a Benefit Corporation or B-Cop means finding your business tribe, improving the company’s progress, and attracting more employees. Becoming a B-Corp can make you a better company in many ways, whether it is the impact of Benefit Corporation on the employees, communities, and the environment.

Benefit Corporation:

The traditional business solely exists to maximize profit while a nonprofit business uses revenue to achieve its goals. Nonprofit business has no concerns regarding increasing profit. The effective combination of abilities to seek advantage along with the potential benefits to the society is called Benefit Corporation. Benefit profit legislation allows the entity more freedom to deliver maximum benefit to the society. There is no single goal of maximizing the profit of its shareholders. However, a B-Corp still strives to make a profit to continue their business.

B-Corps conjugate the needs of a company to make a profit for their employees and considers the society requirements. B-entities are social enterprises that refer to a private certification or a corporate structure that requires directors. These are persons consider the impact of their business decisions on social and environmental factors, and the pecuniary interests of shareholders.

Types of B-Corps:

Two types of B-entities exist in today’s business world:

  1. Benefit Corporation
  2. Certified B Corporations

Any company can be Benefit Corporation or Certified B Corp, or it may be both. A Benefit Corporation or also known as “Public Benefit Corporation” (PBC). It is actually a legal entity that makes its certification of incorporation a ‘public benefit. A B-Corp is a certification provided by nonprofit Blabs to some eligible companies. Both of these strategies are used to make the public and potential investors on notice that the company is not driven by profit only, but it also creates a social impact.

Benefit Corporation is the legal structure in the same way as an LLC. It is virtually similar to the traditional corporation in all respects. Still, its three defining legal features codify its commitment to enhance governance standards and positive impacts:

  1. Benefit Corporations must have to satisfy Disclosure Requirements and Expanded Transparency. These corporations evaluate their impact performance against an independent third party standard and then publically publish the results of their assessment.
  2. Unlike traditional corporations, these corporations need to pursue positive public benefits through conducting their business operations.
  3. The team of directors and officers of Benefit Corporation balance the financial interests of the company with its mission and its impact on employees, suppliers, customers, the local community, and the environment.

What is it meant to be a B Corp?

Being a B Corp is about supporting the Global efforts to leverage business to do good deeds. It is a signal to the world that there is definitely a better way to run a corporation. This is all about getting a roadmap to improve sustainability and performance. It is a way to assess their own performance in essential areas of corporate social responsibility. B-Corp assessment gives confidence to measure yourself against best practices and also saves you from the extra effort required to research and develop personal standards.ROCKRIDGE VENTURE LAW:

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