When it comes to technology and hardware, sometimes having a lot of bells and whistles can help you save time and take advantage of new features. Some are old, some new, and all should be considered if you want to up your technology game. If you want to out-tech your neighbors, then keep on reading.

First, while it isn’t as flashy as some of the others, a good flash drive can be your best friend. While many people like to keep things on the cloud, sometimes having your data on hand and in a physical location can be a great backup. Get a flash drive and you won’t regret the purchase.

Practical Stuff

A lockport is something you’ll want to use if you are in a public place. Acting like a ball and chain for your computer, you can attach the lock to the machine and then put the other end around a table leg or chair. Then no one can walk away with your stuff unless they know the combination or have the key.

Bluetooth mice and keyboards can be attached to your computer or tablet devices, and for tablets, they can turn them into computers. They are great to have if you are typing or doing work on the go, and can last well with the battery too.

Fun Stuff

While these ideas might not be super practical, they are fun to have! First, while most phones have good sound if you are watching videos or other content with one person, if you want to play some music then you’ll need to invest in a speaker. Having a Bluetooth speaker will be an easy choice since you don’t have to fumble with cords, and it can play no matter what.

A ceiling monitor mount is great when you need a little more height to your devices. The mount securely attaches to the ceiling and then hangs downward. You can attach a computer screen or iPad to the mount and it will hang there, giving you a great angle for a photo or a good view of a small screen, so give it a go.

Ways to Charge

One of the last accessories is one of the most futuristic – a charging pad. If you’ve ever broken a cheap iPhone charger while fumbling to charge your phone in the dark, then the option to forgo the wire altogether is one you’ll appreciate. Use a charging pad and simply lay your phone on it. A light will shine and tell you the phone is charging, and then you just leave it alone.

How cool is that? Just lay the phone on the pad and let it charge, without any other intervention from you. But if you aren’t the type of person to trust in the future, then it might still be worthwhile to invest in a portable rechargeable battery. That way you have a way to keep your phone alive if you aren’t near an outlet.