Obtaining the right dust control machines for your construction site means you should have some features you have to have. Before you invest in any dust suppression system, you should look at factors like pairing the dust suppression needs in your site with the features of the dust control systems and ensure they align. To help simplify the process for you, this post will explore some of the things you should keep in mind to ensure you achieve effective dust control in your construction site.

The type of dust suppression needed on your Site

When identifying the dust control techniques to use, first start by determining the kind of dust suppression your site needs. Is it surface or airborne dust suppression? The answer to this question will help you opt for the perfect-fit dust control technique. For instance, if surface dust suppression is your end goal, then employing hoses and sprinklers will get the job done. That’s because they wet the surface with water and prevent dust build-up in the site’s compound. On the other hand, if your site is generating more airborne dust, you’ll need hi-tech machines like fogging and misting systems. These systems are highly effective when dealing with giant clouds of dust that escape into the air. They include modern technology that enables them to turn water into tiny droplets that can arrest even the smallest dust particles and drag them to the ground.

The Distance Coverage Of Dust Suppression

Next, you need to find out how far you want to control dust. Knowing this is important as you’ll select the ideal equipment with the correct features that suit your site. For example, if you want long-distance dust control, you’ll have to opt for solid machines with powerful pumps that can jet out mist or fog to the desired coverage. Also, you must consider the atomizing power of the nozzles and fans in the machine. That’s because they help turn the water particles into tiny droplets. It’s important to note that the droplets’ sizes influence the air-time and the mist’s traveling distance when combating dust particles. Therefore, when looking for extensive coverage dust suppression, the nozzles and fans must be powerful enough. Generally, when considering dust suppression distance coverage, check the machine’s pump power and the atomizing power of the nozzles and fans.

The Cost Of Dust Suppression Technique

Checking out the cost of dust suppression techniques is crucial in weighing the affordability and efficiency. It helps determine whether the effectiveness of the dust control technique blends with its cost. For instance, confirming the cost can help you adopt water-saving dust control tactics over those that use up more water and are less effective. Also, you’ll be able to gauge whether renting dust control equipment is saving you more compared to buying. Therefore, you should always consider the cost of dust suppression techniques before employing them in your construction site.

There are vital considerations you can’t afford to ignore for you to achieve successful dust suppression for your construction company.  By factoring in some of the above points you can establish the best dust suppression strategies for your site.