The lifespan of a commercial laundry machine lies between fifteen to twenty years. To make your machine last for this period, you have to take care of it. As such, maintenance means that you need different laundry parts available from providers like Laundry Replacement Parts. This is important in case you need to repair your machine. To help ensure your washers and dryers last a long time they must be well maintained.

Commercial laundry machines come with different replacement parts like those from alliance laundry parts. Therefore, consider knowing the manufacturers’ instructions before using the machine. The following tips will help you give your machine a good life.

Ensure You empty your Pocket

It’s important to always check the pocket before you throw your clothing in the wash. Note that skipping this step is bad for your equipment. When you run the washer with metal items in it you risk the life of your machine. It is possible to forget materials such as coins, pens, and other materials. That’s why you must check your pockets before doing your laundry. The materials harm the inner tub of your washer. The machine can even stop working in the middle of cleaning. However, there is an alternative in case you forget to check. If you find that you accidentally forget this step, make sure that you clear out your drain pump filter for a front-loading washer as it is designed to catch such items.

Keep your machine dry when not in use

Ensuring that you keep your equipment dry helps prevent the growth of mold. If this occurs, you’re likely to notice the machine produces a foul smell that could push away customers. Dirt and soap can accumulate if you don’t clean and dry your washers. Also, it’s important to remove all wet clothes from the machine once the cycle is complete. Give your machine about fifteen minutes after the task. And leave the door of the washers and dryers open after every load to help dry the equipment and remove moisture.

Remove the Dryer’s Lint Filter after every use

To ensure the dryer serves your business for a longer time, the best thing to do is to clean its lint trap before the next customer uses it. In doing so, you can prevent fire hazards while keeping the dryer operating optimally. Fortunately, this 10-second chore makes all the difference to the lifespan of your equipment.

Call a Professional

When it comes to most routine maintenance on your commercial equipment, you’ll need the help of a professional. It’s best to call in a professional when you notice an electrical problem or issues with the equipment control panel. Also, when a major part or piece needs replacement is reason enough to call a professional. While you might be tempted to carry out some of the repairs yourself, be sure to consider your comfort with the tools and equipment before you carry out any repairs.

The life of your machine is determined by how much effort you put into taking care of it. And to ensure that it’ll serve you and your customers efficiently, consider some of the tips discussed above. That way you can extend the life of your commercial laundry equipment.