While there are other solutions, implementing UVC units as an additional tool in your existing disinfection control strategies. Since it adds another protective layer and lowers the risk of disease and infection breaking out in your facility. UV sanitation light like that from R-Zero uses ultraviolet technology for eliminating all bacteria and germs quickly.  While you should follow the basic precautions when using UV sanitizers, the benefits they offer compared to sanitizing products are well worth the effort of making the switch. Here’s a look at how UV light for disinfection can help you maintain higher productivity in your business.

UVC light sanitizes both the air and surfaces.

With UVC disinfection you can sanitize office spaces with ease. Also, things that can be damaged if sanitized using traditional disinfection methods can now easily be sterilized using UVC. These include items like mail and delivered packages, keyboards, and mobile devices. Since UVC units kill bacteria, you’ll also eliminate any odors that they cause hence making your workplace smell better and remain safe. From a 6 inches distance from a surface, the UVC sanitizer can kill regular bacteria in 10 seconds. Additionally, UVC light will sanitize even the difficult to clean spots that can be missed when cleaning using traditional methods. Besides, switching to UV disinfection systems will help protect your staff, save you money, while acting as an added value proposition for your clients.

Disinfection is Affordable

Oftentimes people assume that UVC disinfection is costly since it uses technology rather than chemicals. But since it requires that you make the UV disinfection an affordable method of sanitization. This way you’ll be saving on time and money as these units are reusable whenever needed. Also, due to the unique properties and features, you won’t have to incur maintenance costs during its life. Again, some of the UVC units can run autonomously so you won’t incur any related labor costs as other disinfection methods do. This in turn helps reduce your overall utility bills thus saving you money. As such, you’ll enjoy the benefits of clean air.

Disinfects the Air

In any workplace, you must have clean air. Not only is this required in compliance with the safety and health standards at work but it ensures your employees are healthy. UV light disinfection units keep the air clean and free from harmful bacteria by eliminating harmful bacteria and pollutants within the facility. Since UV light technology cleans the air and kills germs, it simplifies the work to be done by your HVAC. This in turn reduces energy usage to run the HVAC units to provide you with clean air. As a result, you’ll have lower utility bills thus saving you money for your business.

Even as most of your employees work remotely right now, they will, later on, come back to the office buildings. And from the benefits offered by UVC sanitizers, getting UV light sanitizers are a great way you can use to ensure the facility is safe for them.