For many British shoppers, there is an initial dread that appears along with the first sign of Christmas decorations on the high street. However, despite their potential complaints, sales figures from retailers around the country consistently demonstrate that both customers and stores benefit from early Christmas offerings.

As you begin to stack your shop floor with festive goodies and bring out the extra shelves for seasonal stock, it’s important to keep in mind that having the simply stock available isn’t enough to ensure optimum sales. It’s a typical mistake, one that occurs each year. Custom increases in the festive season and, as a result, retailers are inclined to fill their shop with as much potential stock as possible, which may ultimately result in their detriment.

If you’re a retailer preparing your store for the extra festive business, then here’s what you need to know to keep your shoppers and sales figures happy.

Make Some Room

Christmas shopping is known for being stressful. Not only are customers looking to find the right items, such as this year’s popular gifts, but they’re also shopping quickly. Part of this is because a crowded, busy shop is not a pleasant place to be. There’s no time to relax nor to browse, which prevents customers from being encouraged to take their time.

While Christmas may be a quantity game when it comes to customers, with a little consideration and reorganisation, your store can be given a little more space. Adjust displays and shelving to allow a wider flow of traffic. Additionally, have fewer items out on the floor and encourage staff to replenish as necessary. Finding the balance in your atmosphere will ultimately benefit your store and the impression it makes on shoppers.

Safety First

While the increased custom will take a greater managerial focus, safety cannot be neglected and it is during the busiest times that incidents are likely to occur. Use the time running up to the festive season to review your risk assessment and adjust it to include season displays, such as Christmas lights, as well as often forgotten safety measures like timber fire doors.

Once the festive shoppers begin to arrive, it’s useful to keep each member of staff aware of protocol and, should they require, refresh their health and safety training experience to keep them confident in the case of an emergency.

Celebrate Your Brand

Seasonal shopping brings in a wider demographic of shoppers and it’s an ideal time to impress your brand upon new customers. With considered and stylish decorations you will be able to catch attention, leaving them with an impression of quality. However, with great service and customer experience, you will be able to ensure these new customers will return to your store in the new year.

Use the festive season, not only as a time to celebrate Christmas but your brand too. By doing so, you’ll be ensuring better sales figures year-round!

Look After Your Team

Managing the Christmas season is tough and can be extremely stressful for your staff. Even with the help of temporary employees and the distribution of extra hours, it’s easy for a team to become burnt-out. Be sure to keep their wellbeing in check or, once the season is over, you might have to support a fatigued team.