The use of ​skills management software​results in efficiency and effectiveness for human resource practices. To use this software don’t even need an HR department, if your organization is small. However, when you do have personnel especially assigned to human resource management, they are allowed to work more productively with the right skills management applications in the following ways:

  1. Skills management software is easy to use

Sometimes it is best to keep it simple and structured, while it is equipped with unlimited options.

  1. Adapt it to your needs

With ​AG5​, your options for personalization are unlimited, even if your organizational structure is complex. In one view, you can link qualifications to columns, persons to rows and divide qualifications into various categories, such as competencies, certificates and roles.

  1. Get reminders about certificates that are about to expire

Certificates may expire and trainings may need to be refreshed. Skills management software notifies you, when this is about to happen, so everyone will be allowed in his position or and remains sufficiently competent for his or her position.

  1. Search for people based on skills

If you need the best replacement for someone who called in sick, skills management software allows you to find the best match and lists possible replacement sorted based on overlap of competencies.

  1. External communication

Whatever audit is about to take place, you will be able to access important documents, like certificates and identifications, quickly.

In conclusion, skills management software can take away stress, replace chaotic administration and enhance productivity. If you purchase it today, it is possible to use it tomorrow, because skills management software is design to be set up rapidly.