I have always believed that the online trading industry did not flourish fast in the past because these platforms did not know how to build trust. You can’t just offer huge leverages to traders and lure them with some welcome bonuses. When a person is willing to trade, they are ready to put their money on the line. You can’t lure a person with small rewards when they are taking such a huge risk. I think Genesis11 has done online brokerage the right way. It has provided its traders with something they always missed i.e. trust.

I am telling you based on my personal experience that this company really knows how to win the trust of its traders. I won’t beat about the bush anymore and let you decide yourself by providing you with all the useful information that I can about this broker.

Genesis11 – How It Has Won the Trader Trust

Through Money and Information Safety

When you sign up with some online trading platform, don’t even ask about anything other than the security of your money and information. These are the two most important things that online companies have to guarantee before they can win their traders over. I have to tell you that your information cannot be protected unless the company is using some high protocol of encryption. In this particular case, you have Genesis11 using the 128-bit encryption protocol to protect every piece of data that you provide on the website. Now, what about the money that you deposit in your account?

Well, the broker has something to offer you peace of mind even in that area. When you sign up and deposit funds in your account, you will rest assured that the money has gone into separate or segregated accounts that the company has maintained at regulated banks only for the funds you deposit.

By Implementing KYC and AML

You know, there are many traders who trust their brokers because they have encryption and segregated accounts. However, I am never satisfied unless I make sure that the company has other ethics in place. You see, while I don’t want to sign up on an illegal platform, I don’t want others to use a platform that is plagued by people who use illegal means to make and store their money with online trading platforms. What I am talking about is the use of stolen identity and laundered money on trading platforms. Yes, this activity is more common than you might think. However, the best online platforms are always equipped with KYC and AML policies.

These policies ensure that you provide your personal and banking information as soon as you sign up with the company. Not just that, you will also have to provide the pictures of these documents to prove that you are the owner of those documents. Through the implementation of KYC and AML policies, Genesis11 is keeping money launderers and identity thieves away.

Trusted and Reliable Customer Support

Okay, I admit here that the company should do something about putting a phone number on the website. There are times when you just want to talk to a human who can listen to you and respond to you with empathy. However, despite the absence of a phone number, you have live chat support that you get with every online trading accounts with this company. In addition to that, you have the email address on which you can get a response to your query within 24 hours. These professionals will respond to you for 12 hours from Monday to Friday to help you with your concerns. S

Final Thoughts

Now, you can see here that this company really knows what it should be doing and it is doing exactly that. It cares about its traders no matter how experienced they are and which country they come from. It can offer you some basic as well as some great advanced trading features as well. It is now up to you to decide if you do or do not want to go with Genesis11.