Undertaking a new business enterprise, even during a strong economic period, involves substantial risk. During an economic downturn or even a recession, the risk becomes even greater. To get off the ground requires strong management and a good strategy. For the businesses that do find success, their choices become guides to those just starting out.

This leads to trends in business development. When one retailer demonstrates an effective advertising campaign, other retailers take notice. And, when offices begin showing the cost-effectiveness of remote working, more companies begin allowing their customers to work from home.

Recently, outsourcing a business’ payroll department has become increasingly popular among businesses, particularly smaller businesses. There are numerous reasons why this is the case.

Risk Aversion

One of the most essential reasons for a new or small business to adopt outsourced payroll services is to eliminate risk from their current internal payroll management system.

When dealing with payroll in-house, there is a certain amount of risk involved and errors may occur from human error or non-compliance with tax regulations. External companies have checks in place and that staff receive constant training to ensure that no errors are made and all employees are taxed accordingly. This eliminates the margin of error that could result in severe problems for a financially-cautious business.

Leading Software

External payroll companies are equipped with robust IT infrastructures, as well as the use of leading payroll software. This allows them to operate with greater efficiency than in-house alternatives. This potentially allows you to offset certain costs within your own business.

Expert Training

Dealing with HMRC guidelines and tax code compliance can be overwhelming at first and, over time, requires a certain amount of training. External payroll departments ensure that you and your employees adhere to the most up-to-date tax regulations, including the notorious IR35 law that has guidelines due to change again in 2021. To have the same level of expertise in-house would require expensive training courses and staffing to deliver the same standards.

Business Support

As a small business, a common goal is to grow. As time goes on and your business changes, expanding in size and taking on new employees, your payroll demands will increase too. External payroll departments, certainly the most reputable ones, offer helplines alongside their services to support businesses in this situation. This means that you have access to expert advice, allowing you to minimise the potential risk involved with growing a business.

Growing Popularity

As the UK beings to recover from the impact of COVID-19, there is a huge amount of pressure placed up businesses to survive. During this time, businesses will seek to be extremely cautious if they are to continue, and, as we are already seeing, one way this is happening is in the rising number of businesses seeking to outsource their payroll.

In recent years, payroll services have seen greater popularity but, as the government’s furlough scheme ends and financial support begins to waiver, businesses must progress more cautiously than ever. For small businesses already faced with risk, they will need all the help they can get.