The hectic and unsymmetrical lifestyle has made the problem of asthma to arise more since the last few decades. Increasing pollution and the depleting ozone layer have added more to this health problem in human beings.

Stats: According to the statistics of 2011/12, nearly 3.8 million residents of Canada were suffering from asthma.

This count has even increased since then, demanding for more awareness towards the problem and take adequate precautions to curb it.

Nowadays, many pharmacy online stores are available to provide over-the-counter as well as prescription based medicines, but you should always know the symptoms and take the right treatment before adding medication in your routine.

So, what are the common symptoms of Asthma that you should always heed:

Breath Shortness: The breathing problem sometimes occurs in case of a heavy workout when your body requires oxygen frequently. However, if you are facing the breath shortness problem in normal stage, it’s a clear sign of asthma which should be treated immediately.

Stiffness in Chest: The congestion in your chest sometimes cases you uncomfortable to breathe. As a result, you will experience chest tightness that can even cause pain. This symptom needs quick treatment to avoid any cardiac problem.

Sleeping Problems: If you are facing some sleeping problems including breath shortness, coughing or wheezing, you should become attentive as it can cause unpredictable problems to your body.

Whistling Sound: In some cases, the patients of asthma are also found to have whistling sound when exhaling. This is the sign of asthma that you should consider and find the right consultation. In the case of children, you will observe the problem of wheezing that is the clear sign of asthma.

These are the most common symptoms that the patients can observe in their daily life. Many other symptoms are also present that you can find with the help of medical assistance.

Now, the most important question is how you can curb the problem of asthma in its initial stage:

Use Medication: Medication is a common but effective solution that people take in the initial days of their treatment. There are different drugs which are available as per your health condition and the status of your disease.

Do Normal Exercise: Normal workout will help your body to improve the blood flow throughout the body and let your entire body parts work appropriately. If you are not comfortable with the exercise, yoga is also an effective solution to regulate your body.

Eat Healthy: Junk food has become the major cause of asthma in the past few years. You should adopt a healthy diet that gives strength and endurance, not problems of asthma or obesity.

Use Inhalers: Till you are completely well and are free from asthma problem. With time, you will quit using asthma inhaler without facing any problem. Make sure you consult with your doctor ahead of quitting the inhaler.

So, these are the common signs and best possible treatment for asthma that people should know and spread knowledge to others. The awareness towards such health issues will help you curb it to a higher level.