COVID-19 is the reason to spread coronavirus to a large number of people all around the world. The infection risk from coronavirus depends on many factors such as:

The types of contaminated surfaces

The amount of virus drops by an individual

The time spent in the environment

The time individual last in setting

Coronavirus is a respiratory illness with the symptoms of sore throat, dry coughing, shortness of breath and fever. But the vaccination is still under research. Cleaning followed by sanitizing is considered the only solution to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We must fight with this deadly virus by improving good hygiene and disinfection.

If someone is suspected of infected with virus and visible contamination with body fluids is present then everything must be cleaned and disinfected properly with disinfectants. Anything heavily contaminated cannot be cleaned should be disposed of in waste bags because it spread easily from one person to another.

Decontamination cleaning services provides complete cleaning and decontamination solutions to businesses and residents to reduce the infection of coronavirus. They do thorough sanitization to prevent transmission of viral infection to more people. Frequently touched places and objects such as door knobs, door handles, tables, back of chairs, toilets and lockers are cleaned and decontaminated thoroughly using high grade cleaning solutions and disinfectants.

Decontamination experts are knowledgeable and trained how COVID-19 virus spread through respiratory droplets from one infected person to another while living in same environment or providing health care. It infects people by touching surfaces touched by infected patients because the virus remains on surface for at least 72 hours. Wiping down these can reduce and kill by cleaners and disinfectants. They use cleaners, disinfectants and wipes combined with both.

Decontamination services provide special sanitization for businesses having confirmed cases of coronavirus or want precautionary measures to prevent from infecting with the virus. They also provide customized decontamination depending on client’s requirements and conditions. They are available 24/7 at this time emergency for coronavirus deep cleaning and decontamination at all premises.

The techs are skillful and trained to clean and sanitize frequent used surfaces including furniture, doors, floors, computers, equipment, toilets and kitchen. The breakout of this deadly pandemic and deaths, our experts understand the need of comprehensive cleaning and decontamination of all surfaces and places.

Cleanliness and sanitization should be a routine procedure at offices, commercial buildings, schools, homes or any public place. However, with the current situation of outbreak of coronavirus, deep cleaning and proper sanitization of all surface areas and safe disposal of material from which the virus can transmit to another person. We take utmost care to eliminate the risk of spread of COVID-19 virus to sterilize the surfaces and places for longer time. We use government approved germicides which are powerful and broad-spectrum for effective and long-lasting results. Fogging is done for deep cleaning and decontamination.

Thorough cleaning of areas from ceiling to floor is done by wiping with cleaning solution and rinsing it completely.

Washing the hands for 20 seconds, social distancing and avoid touching the face specially the eyes, nose and mouth is highly recommended.