Your equipment is one of your greatest investments when running a laundry business. It’s the source of your returns which is why you need to maintain it properly to improve its performance and durability. When a coin operated washing machine is not well maintained, repairs and replacement of the damaged parts is inevitable and this can be expensive. To ensure effective preventive maintenance, here are some tips you can follow

Create a Preventative Maintenance Program

A preventive maintenance program acts as a risk mitigation tool. This then helps you identify potential problems with your industrial washing machine, act on them, and prevent future breakdowns. There’re various ways to create a PM program. For one, you could use one of the many software available on the market today. Secondly, you can also create your program with a Google spreadsheet and include the activities you’ll be conducting or you can write a simple checklist. You may want to look at some of the maintenance procedures you can include in your PM. Some of these include cleaning soap dispensers, cleaning the exterior of the laundry equipment, regular checks of the inlet and outlet hoses and checking the motor and drum belts

Find a professional service technician

Do not hire just any technician, hire the best. This is because if you hire an unqualified technician, the chances of misdiagnosis are high and this will translate into further damage to your machine. When choosing your technician, do not just look at their price as high prices are not a guarantee of quality services. Start by looking at their qualifications and get reviews from other people who have been served by the same technicians. This will allow you to know how their service delivery is and if they are qualified for the job. The ideal technician is one who can detect the correct problem and help you to mitigate further damage. This then helps save you time and money

Read the manual

When you purchase a commercial laundry machine, you’ll get a well-detailed user manual. The manual includes all the steps to take to ensure you maintain it regularly. Simple actions such as routine inspections and learning to better operate it go a long way. That’s because they help you detect any problem the machine may have. However, some maintenance processes require experts to step in. If you are not familiar with such a procedure, it would be best to let an expert handle them for you.

Consult to the manufacturer

Before you hire a technician, consult the product manufacturer’s customer support. Inquire from them the proper preventive maintenance routine to adopt. In the event, you identify a mishap with your machine regardless of how minute it is, contact the provider to figure out how you can get the issue resolved.

Repairing and replacing damaged commercial laundry machines can be expensive but regular preventative maintenance isn’t.  For this reason, read the manual to find out the best PM routine for your machine and develop a PM program with the help of a checklist or software. Hire a qualified technician when you detect a flaw with your equipment.