According to Ronald Reagan peace is not the absence of conflicts between people, but it is the ability of a person to handle conflict peacefully. PMVA course trains you in the similar way to resolve conflicts and issues between people without being aggressive and violent. This course deals with the challenging subject of understanding aggression psychology and de-escalating behaviors with breakaway techniques.

Working sectors always face conflicts and violence issues due to hectic routine, workloads, uncommon situations, and meeting deadline issues. PMVA training is for professionals from front line health workers to council employees, teachers, and door workers. Basis Training designs PMVA training courses with the practical approach that doesn’t move around theory and perceptions from text book, but involves pressure tested techniques from real life.

This PMVA training involves tactful and constructive handling the confrontations. The entire course is all about following facts and features:

  1. Don’t consider it training for doormen only. Though it is relevant to door security staff also, but PMVA course is about staff working in a variety of environments. Like lone workers, heavy vehicle drivers, and teaching staff.
  2. The aim of this course is the identification of behavioral types and major triggers to violent and aggressive behaviors.
  3. This course guides to understand and recognize your own body language and teaches right methods of communication that can affect others positively.
  4. Tackling aggressive behaviors is a part of PMVA training that involves the rapid handling and diffusion of aggression and preventing the situation getting out of control.
  5. PMVA training is not about ‘’out of the box’’ sessions and it is not ‘’one size fits all’’ kind of course. It is a proper way to incorporate with the requirements of trainees in their preferred delivery style with the help of right trainer.
  6. This course helps trainees to develop skills such as conflict management, aggression control, and calming down the violent behavior that is mandatory sometimes.
  7. This training program is not limited to a certain gender, age group, or profession, but it is for everybody. Anyone who believes himself/herself or their staff is at risk of facing violence or challenging behaviors in the workplace can get benefit from this training program.
  8. This PMVA training is more like ‘’Cardiopulmpnary resuscitation’’ because no one can ever tell you when any situation can be heated quickly or when you have to intervene between a conflict to diffuse the steam.