Even if the world fights off the COVID-19 virus, there are still some changes in the post-period. So, the management of office spaces should know what to consider and modify to ensure the employees’ safety and follow the minimum health protocol.

According to researchers, this virus would still be here, even after years. Moreover, it is crucial to prepare for possible occurrences in the future. Offices right now should have cleaner and efficient workspaces. What’s more, it should support social distancing, while supporting the work from home setup.

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Here are the reasons why you should consider open-space planning for the post-COVID-19 office space:

The Open-Space Planning

Some of the companies are not considering open-space planning due to some reasons. Some researchers say that this type of office layout is not making the employees or workers productive. However, the one we are talking about here is the office space layout that will maintain the cleanliness and health of individuals.

First of all, when your office has an open-space layout, it is easier to clean and maintain. The cleaning maintenance staff doesn’t have to go through the corners of the room to keep them clean. Moreover, the most touched object in the offices are the arms of chairs, cubical openings, and the door handles.

Although offices with cubicles can follow the social distancing protocol, the germs and bacteria in the door handle or other corner of the room can even harm the health of the employees.

Open-Space Layout Comes with Better Ventilation

Here’s another advantage of the open-space planning for office spaces. You can open up the windows, and improve the ventilation. If not, you have the option to follow China’s office climate control system that you can use for your office.

Work on the Office Layout to Practice Social Distancing

Even in an open-space layout, it is still possible to prioritize social distancing. You can make divisions for the employees using office tables, separating them from one another. Provide a workstation for your employees to ensure their productivity, despite working on the new normal setup. Since the new version of desks nowadays are large and provide enough space, this will make the team members more productive.

If your business needs the workers to continue working in the office even during the pandemic era, you have to invest in desks and chairs that will bring tranquility to the workers during stressful times.

So, if you have time and money to invest, make sure to use the open-space planning for the post-COVID-19 era. That will ensure the health of your workers, and improve your company’s revenue at the same time.

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